Nouveau produit

In cooperation with our partner company Bietifin from Italy, Membrane Systems Europe B.V. proudly presents their new product, the “BioBeta Micronutrients”, perfectly suited for the optimization of anaerobic digestion. Business can be directly done with Bietfifin.
Micronutrients are trace elements useful for the optimization of anaerobic digestion: they are involved in biochemistry pathways such as essential cofactors for biogas production.

Due to the optimization of biogas processes, Bietifin developed two kinds of innovative products: BioBeta® STARTER and BioBeta® CONTINUOS. BioBeta® STARTER is a solid mix made to fill in a unique solution the lacks of trace elements. They are concentrated and integrated for all the fermentative volume of main digesters. BioBeta® CONTINUOS is a liquid mix of trace elements tailored for the real needs of biogas plant (previous analyses) and is useful to stabilize the optimum concentration. This product added only once a week.
BioBeta® microelements are innovative because they contains chelated form of trace elements that have a very high bioavailability and excellent solubility inside the digester, instead of non-chelated micronutrients, or its salts, that are low bioavailable, due to the possibility to form precipitates.
Furthermore, BioBeta® products do not contains sulphures or chlorides compounds and are not toxic or carcinogenic for the operators and hazardous for environment. It’s demonstrated that the integration with solid trace elements BioBeta® STARTER in a unique solution solves a biological crisis within 24-48 hours, restoring an ideal concentration of microelements for the anaerobic digestion processes.
Among other things, utilization of BioBeta® CONTINUOS liquid microelements leads to a feeding plant flexibility: with a continuous integration, it is possible to change completely kind of biomass and/or trench silage in a less time (2-3 days).

The analysis is made with a low volume (200ml) of digester liquid and in a very short time: in 5 work days Bietifin team is able to give to the customers trace elements values, with a comment of biochemical status, and, after other work 7 days, to deliver the BioBeta® CONTINUOS product, realized on the specific requirements of the plant. If the biogas plant has a very bad biological crisis we can send a standard emergency product. In order to have a continuous monitoring and specific values of real needs of biogas plants, Bietifin team analyzes fermentative liquid every four months, building a database for each customer with trends and comments of microelements values. Furthermore, the BioBeta continuous monitoring plan of trace elements values, leads to a tailored re-formulation of the product all the time that analysis is made.
The composition of both BioBeta® STARTER and BioBeta® CONTINUOS includes all trace elements useful for the anaerobic digestion processes. For example:
Molybdenum: enhance the methane production and plays a role on sulphoreduction bacteria inhibition, which generate a huge amount of sulphidric acid and are competitive with methanobacteria for acetic acid.
Selenium: fundamental for bacteria growth; plays a role on acetogenic phase and in methanogenesis. Very important for cellulosolithic enzymes.
Cobalt: is present in specific enzymes involved in the synthesis of B12 vitamin and has a very important role on methanogenesis enzymes. Furthermore, its trace element is strictly important for acetogenic phase.
Nichel: is involved as trace elements it the cofactor F430 in the methyl-co enzyme M during the last phase of reduction of CO2 to CH4 (more methane).
Since 2013, BioBeta® products are integrated in Italy in more of 150 biogas plants, for a total production of 120MW. Bietifin is the leader in biological assistance in Italy. Bietifin owns 16MW biogas plants. Bietifin has 18 employers and is introducing with success the Energy Beet in Italy.
•BioBeta® chelated trace elements are without chlorides and sulfides and are safe for operators and environment
•BioBeta® chelated trace elements are 100% soluble inside the digester
•BioBeta® chelated microelements are 100% bioavailability due to their organic form
•BioBeta® products are «tailormade» on the real needs of the plant, avoiding waste of substances and money
•Due to their form, BioBeta® product are integrated inside the biogas plant in the range of few liters or chilos once a week
Specific integration of trace elements leads to the optimized biogas production:to a higher energy production with less biomass and no more biological problems.


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