Our team

Ir. J.H. (Jan) Zengerink Managing / Sales Director

Since the founding of MSE in 2011, I am focussed on the marketing and international sales. Management experience as expatriate in South and North America, combined with experience of 10 years in the international biogas-market contribute to the further growth of MSE. Quality, customer loyalty, employer development and language skills (fluent in Dutch, German, English, French and Spanish) are the important business drivers.

H.C.J. Helmut Iven Managing Director

Since the founding of MSE in 2011, I am working as a Managing Partner at Membrane Systems Europe B.V. As a Banker and Controller, I am responsible for Finance and Controlling. The developement and execution of concepts in the commercial segment, in cooperation with our customers and suppliers, is my main field of operation. Quality, reliability and competence are the base of our success, this is also where the team of Membrane Systems Europe B.V. are committing themselves to on a daily base.

Mélissa Smalbrugge Office Management & Sales Support

My name is Mélissa Smalbrugge. I work at Membrane Systems Europe B.V. since the 1st of April 2014. My daily tasks consist on one hand out of administrative duties and accounting. You can think of entering data into our accounting system (purchasing, banking, etc.) and billing. Replenishing stationery and other things is part of my daily tasks as well. Since I am responsible for incoming telephone calls, furthermore, I am the first contact for customers. On the other hand, I offer support on the commercial area. This means I calculate the price of our covering systems, and subsequently process these into a suitable offer for our (potential) customer.

Ing. R. M. (Rick) Bos Project Engineer

My name is Rick Bos and I have been working at Membrane Systems Europe B.V. since the 7th of July 2014. Before I came working here, I studied “Business Engineering” at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede. At Saxion, I was being trained to be a process specialist, focussing on the processes in a technical environment. By successfully following this study, I am perfectly able to translate customer requirements into the appropriate products/services. As a Project Engineer at MSE, that is exactly what I do. After a project has been ordered by a customer, my duty starts. I make sure the entire project is being tailored exactly to the needs of the customer and the situation on site. When we know all parameters, the production process starts. Due to our good external and internal communication, it is completely known how our products need to be made and we can bear much concern for the quality. After production, I make sure all products are being delivered on site, at the right time and at the right place. Then, I transfer all projects to our skilled installation team.

Dylan Engelbertink Project Engineer

My name is Dylan Engelbertink and I started working at Membrane Systems Europe B.V. since April 2016. After successfully graduating at MSE with a Bachelor Degree in International Business & Languages, as a Project Engineer, I am responsible for projects in (amongst others) concrete protection, single membrane covers, floating covers and foil basins. Besides these projects, my interest also lies with Marketing (and Sales preparation). I am responsible for the planned and unplanned images of the company. On behalf of MSE, I manage the company’s website and Social Media canals, design and send out the newsletters and I am in charge of arranging all promotional material (designing + ordering). At last, I also support our Sales Director by means of sending out inquiries, and the preparation of exhibitions etc. I look forward to getting in touch with you!

Gerben Groot Roessink Project Engineer

My name is Gerben Groot Roessink and I work as a Project Engineer at Membrane Systems Europe B.V. since the 1st of November 2018. I have been working in the biogas industry since I finished my Bachelor of Business Administration at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede in 2015. The main focus of my study was on Economics, however, due to my experience in practice I developed a good knowledge of technics and the biogas process. At Membrane Systems Europe B.V., I will be responsible for translating the customers wishes and demands into a realized solution. To me, the most important part of my job is communication; matching expectations with realizations/results. I am looking forward to assist you in new and existing projects. Let us get in touch!

Kai Oosterheert Installation Engineer

My Name is Kai Oosterheert and I started working at Membrane Systems Europe B.V. since the 8th of January 2018. I have always been very interested in technical challenges, this is why I studied Mechanical Engineering. At Membrane Systems Europe B.V., I will be working as a Project Manager. Not only will I be working on projects of our clients, but also on innovation projects within Membranes Systems Europe and on the products itself. In order to do this, I believe it is important to have a very broad interest in the complete market and all the technical solutions that are included in the market. I will make sure to get as close to our clients, the market and the products as I can to make sure to keep Membrane Systems Europe at the top of the market when it comes down to innovation and product development. Another part of my job will be creating the necessary documentation and drawings, so the complete process from production to installation will be as smooth as possible.

Theo Bijman Technical advisor

My name is Theo Bijman, I joined Membrane Systems Europe in March 2017 as a technical advisor/consultant new projects and new products. MSE is a vibrant and well organized company with the best double foil membrane covers that you can find. Our biogas membranes are 100% High Frequency welded. I love to work for a company that is supplying a quality product. At MSE we want to supply the right product to store your biogas. But if you have questions regarding your biogas installation or your digesters we are also there to help you. For twenty years I am working in the biogas industry. Over the years I have gathered a wealth of experience with designing and constructing biogas plants; both in the Netherlands as well as in Africa and India. Let’s work together.

Jean-Frédéric Fanton Marketing Partner France

I joined Membrane Systems Europe B.V. since the founding of the company in 2011. I take care of the commercial development and customer follow-up of the French market. Working for 6 years in the biogas market, I have a very good knowledge of the players and the products. As a former agronomist engineer, I have already had professional experiences as Project Manager and Business Manager, which allow me to have a strong technical-commercial approach. The success of MSE comes from the excellent quality-price ratio of their covers and their professionalism. Also as a Frenchman, I find it a real pleasure to collaborate with this nice and dynamic Dutch team.

John De Vries Installation Supervisor

My name is John De Vries and I work at MSE since the beginning of the company. Next to Hennie, I also work at MSE as an installation supervisor for both single and double membrane covers, therefore, together we are responsible for almost all installed covers of MSE. I have installed more than 1000 double / single membrane covers worldwide, which means I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the (biogas) world. I have installed covers all over Europe and in the summer of 2017 we installed the biggest cover of MSE in the USA (Ø44 m. double membrane cover). I can speak Dutch, English and German, which is almost necessary when installing abroad.

Hennie Van Essen Installation Supervisor

My name is Hennie Van Essen and I have worked for MSE since the beginning of the company. I work at MSE as an installation supervisor for single and double membrane covers. I am responsible for the complete installation of the single and double membrane covers on concrete or steel tanks and for the team I work with and the installation of the cover(s). From the start to the end of the installation of the cover, I will be your contact person on site. With the more than 1000 installed single / double membrane covers worldwide, I have gained a very broad knowledge of both covers and have a huge experience in the installation world. Besides the single and double (rectangular) membrane covers, I have also installed several foil basins and floating covers.

Thom Eernst Sales Engineer

My name is Thom Eernst, I started working at Membrane Systems Europe B.V. in may 2018. After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences TIO I started as a full time mechanic all over Europe. Over the last year I have had the privilege to take part in some beautiful projects and work with the most experienced mechanics in the business. The reason I wanted to start as a mechanic was to gain experience in the field and to get familiar with the products. Not only did I gain expertise but I also started to develop a passion for the branch and the company. As of May 2019 I will start working as an Account Manager. With my passion and knowledge I hope to be an asset to the company. I look forward to get in touch with you.

Bartek Janta Installation Supervisor

My name is Bartek Janta. I am a young, determined and fond of working Mechanic at MSE. I have a passion for being and working outdoors. In the last several years I have gained many years of experience in the construction industry, which gave me a huge advantage when I came working at MSE. My ambition is to become an Installation Supervisor in the near future.

Dick Hoekman Warehouse Manager

My name is Dick Hoekman. I started working at MSE in December 2018 and have since then been the Warehouse Manager. Over the years, I have gained a lot of experience in Warehouse Managing. I am responsible for maintaining the warehouse and managing it properly. When goods come in, I will accept and check the goods (if everything that has been ordered came in correctly). After that, I will store the goods in the correct place in the warehouse. When goods go out for shipment, I am also responsible for packing the goods into secure boxes and making sure everything is collected. After everything has been collected, this will be double checked by a project manager. Then, the goods will be packed onto pallets and prepared for shipment with all paperwork. Last but not least, I will put all the pallets and goods into the truck for shipment.