Ventilator System

Ventilator Systems

MSE is able to design an air system for you that is able to work in every condition (with all sorts of pressures). In most situations, our two standard types of ventilators will be a perfect fit. For other situations, we have good alternatives to meet your requirements as well!

Inside your tank, there is a certain amount of gas (pressure). The standard pressure between the inner and outer membrane is 2.5 mBar. In order to make sure you have a flexible gas volume inside the tank and a pressure between the membranes that stays the same at all time, our FRv’s make sure that enough air is being blown between the two membranes at all times!


Technical specifications Ventilator Systems

  FRv – 110 FRv – 160
Fan Type II 3G c IIB T3 X 04 ATEX D132 Type 3G c IIB T3 X 05 ATEX D085
Motor EEx e II 2G T3 EEx e II 2G T3
Engine 3 x 230/400V, 50Hz, IP55, insulation-class F 3 x 230/400V, 50/60Hz, IP55, insulation-class F

Ventilator System



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