Support Construction

MSE’s Support Construction

We always provide the perfect Support Construction for you! We choose the right column, crown ring and belts according our statically proven calculations. Thereby we take into account the height, diameter and the pressure of/inside your tank.


-   Column
-   Crown ring
-   Belts (PES polyester)

Benefits for you

The Support Construction makes sure the inner membrane always stays at a certain height when the pressure is low and never falls into the slurry. In case this happens, it could affect the membrane in a negative way. Also, the mixers could come out above the slurry and reach all the way to the inner membrane. The Support Construction therefore protects the membrane. Plus, it is very useful (necessary) when unrolling the membranes.

Technical specifications Support Construction

Column - SS 316
(biogas proof)
- Round
  Type I-II Type III-IV Type V
Diameter (mm) 219,1 273 355,6
Thickness (mm) 3,2 6,3 8
Weight (kg/m) 16,23 42,41 68,95
Crown ring
  Type I Type II Type III Type IV Type V
Weight (kg) 50 70 88 120 150

Support Construction



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