Lightning Protection System

Lightning Protection System

Our brand new product, MSE's Lightning Protection, protects your installation from ever getting struck by lightning!
A fundamental item for your biogas installation, where many people often do not think of, is having a Lightning Rod / Conductor on your installation, in order to conduct the lightning into the ground. MSE can now offer you a complete installation, including the mounting!
MSE’s Lightning Protection system consists of two (or more in case of a larger diameter) lightning distraction systems that are mounted opposite from each other on both sides of the tank wall of the installation. These two lightning distraction systems are connected to each other by a special connection cable. In case the lightning strikes, the electricity (energy/power) has to be drawn away into the ground. Therefore, a special underground system will deeply go into the ground to make sure it cannot harm the installation.
Once the energy is underground, there is such a high amount of energy, that it can damage the switch cabinet through the cables that run underground. In order to make sure the switch cabinet does not get damaged, the special energy conductor (see photo above) will be installed inside the switch cabinet. This special energy conductor will absorb the energy and makes sure nothing in the switch cabinet gets damaged/burned.



Our above completely special Lightning Protection installation is able to ensure that the entire installation will not get burned by a lightning strike. We also have the ability to provide you with a special adaptation, that makes sure your PLC (control panel) does not get damaged by the lightning as well. This special device protects your settings in the control panel. However, this is only necessary in case there is no protection yet.



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